Off season in Bíldudalur:


Each season has it´s charm in the village of Bíldudalur. When snow starts to fall in the Westfjords, roads to the main attractions start to close up and everything changes. The place becomes a paradise for those in need for time off from stressful environment.  Solitude, snow, northern lights and a delightful little society makes this a good place to relax and charge your batteries.

I´m looking forward meeting you!


If you want to go out of Reykjavík (not only to the Westfjords) off season, 4WD car with studded tires is a standard equipment.

Even though we  experience unusually good weather and road condition every now and then, there can always be a quick change in the weather and possibility of snowstorm and closed roads are more common and should always be taken into the plan when travelling to Iceland in fall/winter/spring.

When driving in the Westfjords, especially on road no. 60, you need to expect more time than you normally use, since each kilometer over mountains and curved fjords takes longer to drive than on a straight highway that you probably are familiar with.

Make sure that you check the road condition ( and the weather forecast ( before you start your adventurous trip to ensure you as safe journey as possible. Please don’t count on the GPS completely since it can lead you onto routes that are not passable even though they are marked the shortest way! Download the 1 1 2 app on your phone and in case of emergency (only) contact the emergency number 1 1 2 or use the app.

You need to be aware that the route between the southern and northern parts of the Westfjords (Bíldudalur – Ísafjörður) closes up in October/November with a lot of snow in the two mountain roads on the way. Thereby the Westfjords are divided in two parts and travelling between them takes 7-9 hours, driving the “long way”. In April/May the route opens again, but can quickly close again with an unexpected snowstorm.

When you arrive in Bíldudalur, it would be great if you could call me, but if you don´t have a phone that works in Iceland – let me know and we will figure out how you can reach me. Then I will meet you at the house, show you around, answer all your questions about the area and give you the keys.

Please note that the only restaurant/shop in Bíldudalur has limited opening hours off season, so you might need to include that in making your plans. If you intend to stay for some days and use the kitchen amenities and cook yourself, you might want to to bring groceries from Bónus in Reykjavik,  Borgarnes or Stykkishólmur if you arrive with the ferry. We have grocery stores in the area but they are rather expencive. In next two villages, Tálknafjörður and Patreksfjörður, there are restaurants to be found with longer opening hours – just let me know if you want me to check out how long they stay open during your stay

In Bíluddalur you will find a hot tub and a sauna at the sport facilities. In Tálkna- and Patreksfjörður there are fine swimming pools to enjoy and in the area there are four natural geothermal pools to be found. Ask me how to find them!

Make sure you drive safe and be careful but enjoy your quiet little adventure in the Westfjords of Iceland!


Bestfjord wishes


– Ása Dóra

Just to give you an idea of what winter here is like !